Employment Services success stories

David's story

David was referred to Work Programme at the age of 62 after nearly 20 years of unemployment. His confidence was low and he thought working at this point in his life would not be attainable. Whilst on Work Programme he attended a number of employability sessions, including developing a CV and interview skills, one to one job coaching and support with his confidence.

David's motivation and belief grew steadily, he reached a point where he was keen and actively searching for jobs whilst receiving support with the completion of applications.

Mock interviews were carried out, along with discussions on what to wear at interviews and how to present yourself. After a lot of hard work David was successful in an interview. 

He now works full-time in the distribution industry.

Farhad's story

Farhad resettled in the UK as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme. He arrived in UK with limited English language skills and no UK work experience or qualifications. 

Lisa, Farhad's Employment Adviser completed an initial assessment, developing an action plan to support with his CV, job searching, interview techniques etc. Lisa established that before Farhad resettled in the UK he was an upholsterer. 

Lisa made contacts within local upholstering companies and negotiated and brokered a work trial opportunity, providing photographic evidence of work and a well developed CV. A local upholstering business offered Farhad an initial 6 hour per week volunteering opportunity which led to a 4 week work trial with a neighbouring company. A better off in work calculation was completed along with benefit support in collaboration with an interpreter who was able to discuss the detail behind Farhad's work trial.

Farhad showed impressive skills and he successfully secured a permanent employment contract for 30 hours per week as a furniture upholsterer with a small local upholstering company. His new employer is also helping to support Farhad with his English language development.

Lisa's testimonial

"I first came to Elsa to help with my previous employer, who went into liquidation. Elsa was a massive help as I wasn't getting any answers from the company regarding my wages. Elsa spoke to the owner of  the company and the wages were paid.

She also very kindly spoke with the tax credits team on my behalf after some delays and got it eventually sorted out. Elsa has been a massive support to me not only with what she has done, but also when I couldn't turn to anyone for help she helped me claim JSA, and inspired and motivated me during very tricky time."

Lisa Thompson

Recruitment Support

The Employment Services Team have supported a large number of businesses of all sizes. One of the team's larger campaigns was the support provided to the Trinity Square Burger King.

Our team created a recruitment package tailored to the needs to the business, to support with recruiting of front of house staff, management and cleaners.

We matched our case loaded customers to roles, providing sector based training, support with applications and advice re interview presentation, preparation and techniques.  

Burger King offered employment to a number of customers on our Generation NE and Work Programme along with many referred by Jobcentre Plus. A significant number of those employed were Gateshead residents.

Burger King management were very pleased with the service offering and the high calibre of candidates the Team put forward.  

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