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The Courtyard submission of offers

Submission of offers

The following information is required:

1. Financial Offer
The submission should clearly state the capital sum (exclusive of VAT) being offered to Gateshead Council for the site. This must be your best offer for the site. The Council is not bound to accept the highest offer made, or any offer, and will accept no responsibility for any costs incurred by any party in connection with their submission of an offer whether successful or not. The capital sum offered should reflect any conditions attached and these should be clearly stated. Offers will be reported to the Council at the earliest available date. Interested parties will be notified of the Council's decision as soon as possible after that time.

2. Supporting Information
A. Details of the person(s) or company that is offering to purchase the freehold interest. For a company, you should include details of the full company name, registration number, registered address and contact details for the individual submitting the offer. For individuals, you should include details of your name, address and contact details.
B. The applicant must provide detailed information to confirm their funding arrangements not only for the acquisition, but also any refurbishment or redevelopment proposed.
C. Description of any proposed alterations and where relevant any indicative drawing(s).
D. Details of the overall timescale required to complete the transaction.

Please note: The Council accepts no responsibility for any expenditure incurred by an interested party in relation to the submission of an offer.

Delivery of offer

All offers should be delivered to the Civic Centre no later than noon, Wednesday 4 April 2018. Offers should be submitted in a sealed envelope using the address label which can be obtained upon request.

Disposal Terms

The property is shown edged red on the plan with access road shown coloured brown.

The site is approximately 0.17 ha (0.41 acres) in extent.

The purchase is subject to all existing covenants and rights of way.

The purchaser will be required to obtain all necessary Planning and Listed Building Regulation Consents where applicable.

Each party to bear its own legal costs in connection with this transaction.

The Council will expect the preferred bidder to adhere to a strict timescale for the sale of The Courtyard. Should the preferred bid be unconditional, exchange and completion of contracts will be expected within 10 weeks of the offer being accepted. If the preferred bid is conditional on planning then a specific timescale will need to be adhered to including a deadline for submission of a planning application from the date of preferred bidder status.

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