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Memorial options

Memorial benches

A memorial bench can be supplied and located in our crematoria, cemeteries and some parks. These come with a fixed plaque with an inscription of your choice, and is for the duration of 10 years lease. Further details and pricing can be obtained from the Bereavement Services office.

Grave memorials

Whilst we are responsible for maintaining cemeteries in a safe condition, you are responsible for maintaining your memorial. If you fail to do this the cemetery staff may take action to make the memorial safe. Cemetery staff carry out routine inspections of memorials in the cemetery and when one is identified as being unstable and likely to fall and injure someone it might be cordoned off, laid flat or have a temporary support installed. You will receive a letter in these circumstances and it will be your responsibility to arrange suitable repair. Should your memorial still be under guarantee the memorial mason will be responsible to carry out repair at no extra cost to you. We strongly recommend that you insure your memorial. Your stonemason can arrange this for you.

Memorial stones

Before a memorial stone can be placed on a grave approval is needed from the council. This is to ensure that all grave memorials within the cemetery are of an approved type and are erected in a safe and satisfactory manner by authorised and experienced companies. 

Before a memorial can be placed written consent is required from the owner of the grave provided on an application form. Bereavement services staff need to check that the memorial conforms to regulations will be erected in a safe manner and checked for stability under health and safety regulations. To a certain extent this helps protect your interests as we can ensure that your stonemason is working to the correct standard. 

Memorials are not permitted on public graves but may be erected on purchased graves, providing they comply with these regulations:

  • Notice must be given before removing or carrying out work on a memorial. 
  • The council may remove memorials from purchased graves when the period of burial has expired following consultation with the bereaved. 
  • Memorials are not allowed on any grave unless the exclusive rights have been purchased and an interment has taken place. 
  • No memorial will be permitted on an empty grave. 
  • We strongly recommend that memorial stones are not placed onto a grave until 6 months after a burial has taken place, to allow the ground to settle. 
  • Name only on back of headstones, at Council's discretion.

Memorial kerb tablet

A plaque bearing your choice of inscription is set into a kerbset located with the garden of remembrance, and is available for a period of 10 years. The kerbside plaques are made from black granite and are inscribed with silver lettering.

Memorial wall plaque

The memorial wall provides an alternative for those who wish to commemorate a loved one with a plaque.  The plaque can remain on the wall for a 10 year period.  The wall plaques are made from black granite and are inscribed with silver lettering.

Wall plaque forms

Memorial Wall Plaque form - Birtley Crematorium (PDF) [34KB] (opens new window)

Memorial Wall Plaque inscription grid - Birtley Crematorium (PDF) [27KB] (opens new window)

Memorial Wall Plaque form - Saltwell Crematorium (PDF) [34KB] (opens new window)

Memorial Wall Plaque inscription grid - Saltwell Crematorium (PDF) [27KB] (opens new window)

Information about the cost of all of these items can be found on the fees and charges page.

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