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School crossing patrols

The road safety team is responsible for Gateshead's School Crossing Patrols, or lollipop men/ladies as they are often known. Their role is to help children, parents and carers cross busy roads on their way to and from school

Power to stop traffic

The law says that drivers are required to stop if a School Crossing Patrol displays the prescribed sign. The sign carries the same authority as a red traffic light and failure to conform carries the same penalties. 

The law allows School Crossing Patrols to stop traffic to help anyone (child or adult) cross the road.

Parental responsibility

Even where a School Crossing Patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children's safety, just as they do when a zebra crossing or pelican crossing is provided.

Some parents may believe the Authority assumes responsibility for the safety of their children on their whole journey to and from school when it provides an School Crossing Patrol.

This is a misconception the responsibility for ensuring the safety of children travelling to and from school is, and must remain, a parental one.

If you have any queries about the School Crossing Patrol service or are enquiring about any vacancies please contact the Road Safety Team.

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