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Car park permits

If you use a council car park in Gateshead regularly an annual permit may save you money where available. The cost of an annual permit varies depending on its location, the type and duration of the permit.

Depending on the location, permits may be available for three, six or 12 months. No permit may extend beyond the following 31 March.

In many cases, permits can also be issued for specified days. This flexibility may be of use to part time workers, for example, who only need a permit for certain days of the week. In these circumstances the permit charge will be calculated using the day rate. A pro-rata rate applies in these cases, as indicated below.

Part months are charged at the full rate for that month. All permits must be paid for in full before they are issued.

Although we process applications as quickly as we can, please allow up to 15 working days for your permit to be issued.

Apply for a car park permit

Car park permit charges 2024-25

These charges apply to permits starting on or after 1 April 2024 and expiring on or before 31 March 2025.

Car parkChargeNotes
Back Regent Terrace / Walker Terrace

12 months, Monday to Friday, £924

12 months, all days, £1386

12 months, specified days, per day of week £185

Six months, Monday to Friday, £528

Six months, all days, £739

Three months, Monday to Friday, £281

Three months, all days, £393

Only businesses adjacent to
the car park are eligible.

Church Street

12 months, Monday to Friday, £1,109

12 months, all days, £1,663

12 months, specified days, per day of week, £222

Six months, Monday to Friday, £634

Six months, all days, £887

Three months, Monday to Friday, £337

Three months, all days, £471


Cross Keys Lane

12 months, all days £175

6 months, all days £100

Garden Street (Oakwellgate)

6 months, Monday to Friday, £403

Heworth Metro North

12 months, Monday to Friday, £504

12 months, all days, £756

12 months, specified days, per day of week, per year, £101

Six months, Monday to Friday, £288

Six months, all days, £403

Three months, Monday to Friday, £153

Three months, all days, £214

Hilda House12 months, all days. £353 
PipewellgateSix months, Monday to Friday, £336 
Quarryfield Road

12 months, Monday to Friday, £958

12 months, all days, £1,436

12 months, specified days, per day of week, £192

Six months, Monday to Friday, £547

Six months, all days, £766

Three months, Monday to Friday, £291

Three months, all days, £407

Regent Court

12 months, Monday to Friday, £958

12 months, all days, £1,310

12 months, specified days, per day of week, per year, £192

Six months, Monday to Friday, £547

Six months, all days, £699

Three months, Monday to Friday, £291

Three months, all days, £371

Sunderland Road (Tynegate)

12 months, Monday to Friday, £235

12 months, all days, £353

Whickham Shopping Precinct West

12 months, all days £175

Six months, all days, £100


If you no longer need your permit it must be handed back to us. In relation to "specified days" permits, refunds will only be made if they are valid for at least two specified days of the week and have at least three full months remaining.  

A £10 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds. In accordance with the scheme terms and conditions, refunds will be made via BACS transfer for any full months left at the time the you hand the permit back. Where payment cannot be made via BACS, then an additional £10 administration fee will be applied.

How to apply

Applications can be made online

Alternatively, you can download an application form and return it with along with payment (a cheque or postal order) and send to:

Parking Services
Highways and Waste
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Please make cheques payable to Gateshead Council. 

We are unable to accept cash payment. 


Car park permit application form (PDF) [174KB] (opens new window)

Seasonal permit terms and conditions (PDF) [81KB] (opens new window)