Our parking charter

Our approach to parking enforcement is to be fair but firm and our parking charter outlines how we intend to deliver the best possible service to motorists.


  • We will explain and communicate the parking rules.
  • Where possible, we will photograph parking contraventions to support the issue of a penalty charge notice.
  • We will regularly monitor traffic signs and road markings to help motorists parking throughout the borough.
  • We will review our parking services regularly to see how they can be improved, whilst also taking account of resource constraints.


  • We will take consistent enforcement action to deter inconsiderate parking.
  • We will pursue people who try and evade penalty charges to recover debt owed to the Council.
  • We will work with the police to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and to protect our civil enforcement officers from abuse and violence.

Best possible service

  • We will reply as quickly as possible to representations against penalty charge notices, whilst properly investigating motorists' comments
  • We will aim to get penalty charge notices right first time using accurate "hand-held" technology
  • We will take every opportunity to develop on-line services to improve customer access to information
  • We will develop the on-street parking service to include: Blue Badge enforcement, school patrols, advice and information and assistance at special events

Civil Enforcement Officers will adopt a helpful attitude and a consistent approach to enforcement in order to encourage lawful and considerate parking. Our customer promise is that we will always:

  • Be professional, fair and courteous.
  • Be polite, calm and understanding.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Offer advice on the appeals procedure if requested.

Objectives of Parking Control

The Council's parking control objectives are to:

  • Minimise the use of vehicles in the busiest and congested areas at what experience and research shows to be the most appropriate times.
  • At the same time provide sufficient short-stay parking facilities to support shops/commercial organisations and leisure activities, thereby underpinning social and economic life.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Safeguard the needs and requirements of residents, visitors, businesses and other organisations.
  • Improve traffic conditions.
  • Preserve and improve the infrastructure and the general environment.
  • Increase and improve pedestrian and cyclist mobility.
  • Regulate and control parking both on and off street.

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