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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Latest health advice and information on service disruptions.


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Find out about schools, adult education, further education, childcare and more.
An image relating to Election results
Results for local, general and European elections and referendums in Gateshead.
Find out about energy conservation projects and who to contact for advice.
Find out about bin collections, recycling centres, street care, pest control and more.
An image relating to Environmental protection
Find out about noise and water pollution, air quality, permits and more.
Equality and diversity in Gateshead.
An image relating to European funding
Learn more about European funding opportunities.
Learn more about how we can help support your event in Gateshead.
An image relating to Exhumations
Occasionally there is a need to exhume a body. Procedures must be followed before any exhumation can take place.

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