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Food safety advice for consumers

Our aim is to protect consumers from harm. To do this we use a number of tools, including inspection, sampling and the investigation of complaints and food poisoning. 

Each year we undertake 1300 interventions in 1600 food businesses. Following each inspection we rate businesses under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Visit Food hygiene ratings (opens new window) to find the rating of your favourite take away, restaurant or shop.

At Gateshead we can only investigate complaints of public health significance and are unable to investigate single cases of alleged food poisoning. All complaints about food premises are assessed by the team for public health issues. We will also endeavour to discuss your concerns with you before deciding on a course of action.

There are a number of issues that are often raised with us concerning problems with food.   Common food complaints (PDF) [89KB] (opens new window) explains what we can investigate and what you can deal with yourself.

If you can't resolve your complaint or are concerned about a food premise contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Visit food poisoning for advice if you think you might have food poisoning.

When making a complaint to us, please make sure you have the food in question (where relevant), details of where and when it was purchased and how it has been stored. We can only investigate complaints if provided with contact details such as a valid email address or contact telephone number and your full postal address.

Make a complaint about food you have bought from food premises or tell us if you are concerned about the health and safety of food premises in Gateshead.

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