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Build your home in Gateshead

Every year more than 11,000 people in the UK build their own home. A survey in 2014 revealed that 12% of us in the UK, that's nearly 6 million people, are interested in self building.

Self builders come from all walks of life:

  • Young people keen to find an affordable home and set up home
  • Families requiring homes that suit their needs
  • Empty nesters thinking about downsizing to smaller homes
  • DIYers looking for a project
  • Groups of people that would like to self build together to reduce costs and to share the experience

Building your own home is a rewarding process, it's also exhausting! Many people in the UK dream of building their own home because it can be achieved at a cost that is substantially below market value on completion and the home can be tailored towards your own needs. For example a well-insulated three bedroomed home can be built from around £80,000 to £90,000 (excluding land costs).

There are also many more choices of design, layout and types of material to build your home than what can be found when purchasing an existing property, or a new home from a large house builder.

Benefits of self and custom build

There are many benefits of self and custom build:

  • You can build the house you want in the location or area where you would like to live
  • You can design a home to suit your needs and future needs
  • You can get more house for your money
  • You can develop lots of new skills during the self build journey; such as construction, budgeting, project management and negotiation 
  • You can employ local contractors and trades people, resulting in more of your spend being recycled in the local economy
  • You can use new build methods to increase the energy efficiency of your home, reduce costs and waste during construction
  • You can utilise small sites that might not be developable using traditional methods
  • We are interested in understanding demand from all residents who would like to self build including those that do not have the required resources to finance a project upfront and/or would like to rent a self built home on completion 

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