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Registered landscapes

Registered parks and gardens

There are many diverse historic parks and gardens which make a vital contribution to the landscape and as such are important and much treasured parts of our heritage.

Since the l980's a national record of such parks has been compiled which is known as the Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England, which is maintained by Historic England. These are designed landscapes that are considered to be of national importance and are graded according to their quality and importance, as grade I, II* and II.

Parks included on this register (registered parks) are not subject to additional planning controls but, the NPPF deems them to be a designated heritage asset and consequently the effect of any development on the significance of a registered park or garden or its setting is a material consideration in the determination of a planning application.

In Gateshead there are three registered parks: 

Registered battlefields

Historic England maintains a register of historic Battlefields which are deemed to be of national significance. There are 43 registered battlefields nationally. The purpose of the register is to offer the battlefields protection and promote a better understanding of their significance.

Battlefields may be significant for a number of reasons including:

  • As a turning point in English history, for example, the Normal Conquest which followed the Battle of Hastings in 1066 or the turmoil of the Civil Wars in the C17 which changed the roles of the monarchy and parliament.
  • tactics and skills of war still relevant to the defence of the country evolved on historic battlefields
  • final resting place for thousands of soldiers who were known, unknown, noble and commoners alike, whose lives were sacrificed in the making of the historic of England.

Surviving battlefields may contain important topographical and archaeological evidence which can increase our understanding of such momentous events in history.

There is one Registered Historic Battlefield in Gateshead, which marks the site of the Battle of Newburn Ford. (opens new window) The battlefield crosses the River Tyne and includes land at Newburn on the north side of the river, within the City of Newcastle.