Local Authority Building Control

Local Authority Building Control(LABC) is a member organisation representing local authority building control in England and Wales.  They promote the design and construction of safe, accessible, environmentally efficient buildings that comply with the building regulations.

LABC Business Partners

Additional benefits of using LABC services are that you can take advantage of the special arrangements we have in place with our business partners to provide you with additional services such as new homes warranties, latent gold defects cover for commercial projects sound solutions for all types of properties, energy efficiency certificates, bream etc

New Homes Warranty

LABC New Home Warranty (LABC NHW) is the Local Authority Building Control's (LABC) business partner providing ten year structural warranties and a complete range of specialist developer services to ensure you are fulfilling the building requirements for any development, as well as saving you time and money.


NOISE Limited is a nationwide noise and vibration consultancy practice who specialise in Building Acoustics. The Business Partnership with LABC means that they carry third party accreditation for their work. NOISE offer a complete acoustics service which means that we can assist clients by providing a full construction package beginning at the Planning Stage, all the way through to final Pre-Completion Testing.

Elmhurst Energy

Elmhurst Energy, the UK's leading independent energy rating software, accreditation and training provider, has signed an agreement with LABC to become an information and training partner. This will make Elmhurst's energy rating expertise available to all local authority building control departments via their LABC membership Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd provides innovative solutions for the energy calculations of buildings

Site Lines

Site Lines is LABC's quarterly magazine for customers. It is entirely about best practice in the real world, looking at projects during both the design and build phases. 

LABC Latent Gold

LABC Latent Gold Commercial Buildings Defects Guarantee provides a 10 or 12 year building guarantee, specifically designed for new commercial property. It only requires inspections that are carried out under the Building Regulations by the LABC surveyor. LABC Latent Gold is underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

For further details about the scheme please phone the LABC Latent Gold Enquiry Line on 0845 0753530.

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