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Consultation principles

The Council regularly consults residents to seek their views on proposed changes to Council services, plans, policies and other issues. Our consultations have a specific start and end date and help inform decisions that the Council makes.

Our consultation principles

When the Council is consulting with residents and other stakeholders we will, whenever possible:

  • Make it clear what the consultation is about and why we are seeking views.
  • Choose the most appropriate method(s) of consultation for the intended audience.
  • Raise awareness of consultations in the most effective way, to make it as easy as possible to take part and ensure that we provide enough time and information for people to give their views.
  • Consult at a time when proposals are still at a formative stage so views can be listened to and considered before making decisions. *
  • Carefully analyse consultation responses so that results are accurate and reliable.
  • Publish consultation results and provide feedback on any decisions taken or next steps.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our consultations so that we can continue to improve.
  • Work in a co-ordinated and joined up way within the Council and with our partners to ensure that consultations are carried out in the best possible way.

* It is the role of elected members of the Council (councillors) to make decisions. These are based on a number of factors including results from consultations, government legislation or guidance, the needs of different groups now and in the future and the Council's available budget. You can find out more about councillors and find your councillor on our Councillors and committees page.  

As well as consulting with residents on specific issues, we work in partnership to carry out longer term engagement. This involves working closely with communities to ensure that they are empowered, supported and developed to be involved in decisions that affect their lives.

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