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Emergency response plan

We have a responsibility to ensure that measures are in place to plan for, prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergencies that occur in or have an effect upon Gateshead. We have an Emergency Response Plan and a number of other related plans to get the right resources to where they are needed in an emergency or major incident situation. The council works with partner organisations to develop these plans.

In responding to an emergency we provide a supporting role to the emergency services in the early stages of an incident, during an incident as it develops and at the end of the incident when the we will become involved in any restoration and recovery within the community.

The major functions undertaken by the council can include:

  • assisting the emergency services in evacuating an area;
  • the provision of rest centres;
  • temporary mortuaries;
  • help with transport;
  • provision of information and technical support.


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Gateshead Council
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0191 433 3000
24 hour emergency number 0191 477 0844