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Volunteer Community Resilience Wardens

We're looking to strengthen response arrangements in all communities by asking for volunteers to be volunteer community wardens who would work with us during an emergency.

What do we mean by an emergency?

An emergency could be anything from severe weather like flooding that can damage homes and businesses and cut off communities to power failures and health issues such as flu pandemics.

Although any emergency can cause severe disruption, the impact of this disruption can be minimised if we all plan ahead.

Network of volunteers

We want to set up a network of volunteers who we can talk to before and during an emergency. So that we can warn and inform you, give you a point of contact to tell us what's happening on the ground and help us learn from your experience.

You know the area where you live and work better than anyone. We can look at maps and check records but sometimes only local knowledge will fill in the gaps for us.

There may be people living in your community who are more vulnerable than others to the impacts of an incident. These people could be elderly, disabled, vulnerable or possibly pregnant and we might not know about them. You could help us keep them safe.

Do you have:

  • a knowledge of your local community?
  • an interest in keeping your community safe?
  • spare time to help?

Then we need you! 

How to volunteer

The first step in the volunteer process is to complete the expression of interest, regardless of the type of volunteering opportunity you are interested in.

Express your interest in becoming a volunteer

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