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Saltwell Conservation Area Article 4 Direction 4

The Borough Council Gateshead

Saltwell Conservation Area (No. 4)

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended)

Notice of making an Article 4 (1) Direction

Gateshead Borough Council gives notice to all occupiers and/or owners of part of the land described in the Second Schedule to this Notice ("the Land") that it has made a Direction under Article 4(1) of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) ("the Order") and that as the Direction relates to land wholly within to the Saltwell Conservation Area Article 6(1) of the Order shall apply.

The Direction relates to the development of the type specified in the First Schedule to this Notice in respect of the Land described in the Second Schedule to this Notice.

The effect of the Direction is that permission granted by Article 3 of the Order shall not apply to development of the type specified in the First Schedule to this Notice and that such development shall not be carried out on the Land unless planning permission is granted by the Council on an application made to it under Part III of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. A copy of the Direction and of the plan highlighting the area of Land covered by it may be inspected at the offices of the Development Management Team, Civic Centre, Regent Street,
Gateshead during normal office hours or at the Gateshead Central Library, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead during opening hours.

The Direction was made by the Council on 24 January 2011 and shall come into force in respect of any part of the Land on the 27 January 2011 being the latest date on which this Notice is served on the occupier of any part of the Land or, if there is no occupier, on the owner.

If you wish to make any representations concerning the Direction, you should make your comments in writing to the Head of Development and Public Protection, C/O C Lacy, Gateshead Council, Civic Centre, Regent Street, Gateshead, NE8 1HH by no later than 18 February 2011.

The Direction shall expire at the end of six months from 27 January 2011 being the latest date on which this Notice is served on the owners and occupiers of the Land, unless it is confirmed by the Council before the end of that six month period.

First Schedule

Development to which the Direction relates

The development to be controlled is that development comprised within the Classes and Parts of Schedule 2 to the GPDO as described below and not being development comprised within
any other Class.

Part 40

Class A: The installation, alteration or replacement of solar PV or solar thermal equipment on a dwellinghouse or a building situated within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse;

Class B: The installation, alteration or replacement of stand alone solar within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse;

Class E: The installation, alteration or replacement of a flue, forming part of a biomass heating system, on a dwellinghouse;

Class F: The installation, alteration or replacement flue, forming part of a combined heat and power system, on a dwellinghouse.

Second Schedule

Land to which the Direction relates

The Land to which development is to be controlled is shown edged orange on the plan attached to the Direction and is described below:

3 Acre ParkFormer Joicey Road SchoolJoicey Road
1 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
371 Rectory RoadShipcoteGateshead
5 to 15 Saltwell View (inclusive)ShipcoteGateshead
Lakeside Guest House16 Saltwell ViewShipcote
18 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
21 to 24 Saltwell View (inclusive)ShipcoteGateshead
27 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
31 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
34 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
36 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
37 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
Fern Dene LodgeSaltwell RoadGateshead
1 to 20 West Park Road (inclusive)SaltwellGateshead
RosedaleWest Park RoadSaltwell
HillcrestWest Park RoadSaltwell
ClontarfWest Park RoadSaltwell
WoodlandsWest Park RoadSaltwell
KilcregganWest Park RoadSaltwell
FerndeneWest Park RoadSaltwell
Tigh-na-GlenWest Park RoadSaltwell
NewlandsThe DriveLow Fell
FellsideThe DriveLow Fell
The Coach HouseThe DriveLow Fell
Ythan VillaThe DriveLow Fell
The LodgeThe DriveLow Fell
GlenholmeThe DriveLow Fell
360 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
362 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
364 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
366 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
368 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
The Lodge333 Durham RoadGateshead
341 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
347 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
349 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
351 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
353 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
355 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
357 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
359 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
361 Durham RoadLow FellGateshead
Red CottageBrackendene DriveLow Fell
LimecroftBrackendene DriveLow Fell
WoodlandsBrackendene DriveLow Fell
1 The CroftSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
2 The CroftSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Saltwell Dene House WestSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Saltwell Dene House EastSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
WoodsideSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Appleby HouseSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Orchard HouseSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Dartmouth LodgeDerwent Crook DriveLow Fell
3 UnderfellDerwent Crook DriveLow Fell
UnderfellDerwent Crook DriveLow Fell
Ferngale18 Station RoadLow Fell
104 Saltwell Road SouthLow FellGateshead
AnncroftSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
Hillcroft LodgeSaltwell Road SouthLow Fell
9 Station RoadLow FellGateshead
11 Station RoadLow FellGateshead
42 Station RoadLow FellGateshead
The LodgeWhinney HouseDurham Road
The Great House474 Durham RoadLow Fell
1 St Helens TerraceLow FellGateshead
2 St Helens TerraceLow FellGateshead
272 Durham Road Gateshead
274 Durham Road Gateshead
North Dene HousePart of Gateshead CollegeDurham Road
3 St Helens TerraceLow FellGateshead
3A St Helens TerraceLow FellGateshead
Upper FlatHavercroftThe Drive
Lower FlatHavercroftThe Drive
5 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
7 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
9 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
11 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
13 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
15 Enfield RoadShipcoteGateshead
17A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
17B Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
17C Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
17D Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
17E Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
19 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
19A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
20 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
20A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
28 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
29 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
30 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
30A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
31A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
33A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
33B Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
35 Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
35A Saltwell ViewShipcoteGateshead
279 Windsor AvenueShipcoteGateshead
281 Windsor AvenueShipcoteGateshead
1 to 5 Heathfield House (inclusive)Durham RoadLow Fell
2 Belle Vue HouseBelle Vue BankLow Fell
Garden Apartment 1 Westmorland HouseOtterburn Gardens
Apartments 2 to 6 (inclusive)Westmorland HouseOtterburn Gardens
Roath HouseDerwent Crook DriveLow Fell
1 to 9 Westfield Lodge (inclusive)Saltwell Road SouthLow Fell
1 Hillcroft NorthStation RoadLow Fell
2 Hillcroft NorthStation RoadLow Fell
3 Hillcroft NorthStation RoadLow Fell
4 Hillcroft NorthStation RoadLow Fell
The LoftHillcroft NorthStation Road
2 Hillcroft SouthStation RoadLow Fell
3 Hillcroft SouthStation RoadLow Fell
5 Hillcroft SouthStation RoadLow Fell
5A Hillcroft SouthStation RoadLow Fell
Flats 1 to 5 (inclusive)2-4 Denewell AvenueLow Fell
9 Maple Grove Gateshead

Dated 24 January 2011

Signed Head of Development and Public Protection

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