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Climate Change Strategy 2022

Image of Foreword by the Leader of the Council

Foreword by the Leader of the Council

'We can help Gateshead Thrive whilst also protecting our planet, saving money and ensuring our future residents can also thrive without the devastating effects of climate change.'

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Image of The need for change

The need for change

The Earth's climate has changed throughout history but the current warming trend is of particular significance. This is because the evidence shows it is the result of human activity since the mid 20th century and the speed of change is unprecedented over thousands of years.

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Image of The impact on Gateshead

The impact on Gateshead

Climate change is already impacting on Gateshead with more regular flooding incidents and poor air quality. If the predicted temperature rise occurs, the frequency, pattern and severity of flooding are all expected to increase and become more damaging.

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Image of Co-benefits and opportunities

Co-benefits and opportunities

Considering co-benefits and opportunities allows multiple priorities, such as inequality, to be addressed at the same time. An example might be an initiative to increase cycling, with a primary objective of reducing carbon emissions.

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Image of Consultation and Partnership

Consultation and Partnership

From January to May 2022 we undertook a residents' survey and hosted a stakeholder workshop at BALTIC, to gain a better understanding of our communities attitudes towards the climate emergency, and what action our community would be willing to take.

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Image of Commitments and Pledges

Commitments and Pledges

In response to the climate emergency declared in 2019, we have made commitments to ensure that we still have a planet that is liveable, we are aware that some sacrifices will need to be made. Fortunately, many changes have additional benefits to saving the planet, like saving money or improving your health, all of which will encourage the change.

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Image of Achievements and Improvements

Achievements and Improvements

Gateshead Council has made impressive reductions in carbon emissions and has begun to embed climate change into all areas of Council activity. In addition, the Council has led and participated in a variety of projects that will benefit the planet, as well as the people of Gateshead.

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Image of Our vision

Our vision

By 2030 we will have achieved our commitment to making Gateshead carbon neutral, organisations will be working together in a combined effort to reduce carbon emissions. Opportunities in the 'green economy' will be realised within the businesses benefiting from sustainable growth.

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Image of Strategy for Gateshead

Strategy for Gateshead

This strategy starts to provide a framework for grass roots action to tackle climate change at the local level, with local actions, collaborations and behaviour changing.

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Image of Implementation


Ward Level Action Plans are being drafted and will be consulted on and implemented on an ongoing basis. We want to work with our communities on detailed plans in their area to ensure we have a blueprint for change.

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