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Tenants' responsibilities

You must take reasonable care of your home, inside and out, and you must report any repairs to us. 

This will help stop the damage getting worse and allow us to get repairs done as quickly as possible.

You are also responsible for:

  • Decorating the inside of your home.
  • Internal fittings (things like curtain rails and light bulbs).
  • Anything that you have installed yourself.
  • Items you damage or break.
  • Keeping your garden and any shared areas clean and tidy.

You are also responsible for other minor repairs such as:

  • Changing fuses.
  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Unblocking sinks or baths.
  • Repairing minor cracks in plaster.
  • Repairing doorbells or knockers.
  • Replacing toilet seats.
  • Minor repairs to kitchen cupboards and drawers.
  • Repairs to internal door handles.
  • TV aerials (except communal ones).
  • Renewing plugs and chains on sinks or baths.
  • Cleaning warm air grilles.

Any accidental damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your property will be your responsibility.

In addition, you are responsible for any work you request we do to get you back into your home if you are locked out. 

If you have a faulty gas or electric fire we will repair it. However, if it cannot be repaired, we will not provide a replacement.

We strongly advise you to take out your own insurance against loss of, or damage to, your belongings, including re-glazing broken windows and renewing locks when keys are lost.

Contact the Neighbourhood Housing Team any for information about Gateshead Council's contents insurance scheme.