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Director of Public Health's annual report for 2020/21

This was a year like no other:

Covid-19 has created many challenges for everyone who lives and works in Gateshead. We have all been in the same storm - but we have not all been in the same boat. This annual report focuses on how the pandemic has highlighted and worsened inequalities and calls for revitalised and re-focused action on tackling them.

The report brings together personal accounts from residents and the professionals who support them. Their stories, shared here in their own words, form an invaluable record of Covid's devastating impact and what we must learn from it to make Gateshead a place where everyone thrives.

Read Behind the Masks: Gateshead's Covid Stories (DPH Annual Report 2020/21) (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences for this report. Hear more from some of the contributors: