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British Red Cross

Free training from the British Red Cross

Adult education resources

Help with loneliness

Activities and information for those who may be feeling lonely, designed to help develop new skills, build confidence and make connections. 

First aid learning

Step-by-step and straight forward first aid advice is available on the British Red Cross website and free to download first aid apps.

Digital workshops

Their Zoom and telephone workshops develop skills to help in an emergency, connect with others and build confidence and coping skills. Topics include first aide, loneliness and recovering from adversity.

Vaccine voices

Read real stories from people discussing their experiences and feelings around a Covid-19 vaccine. Build skills to manage worries, spot misinformation and have difficult conversations about the vaccine with friends and family.

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Free workshops for 10-19 year olds

First aid

Help young people learn essential first aid skills and build the confidence and willingness to help someone in an emergency. It will also help young people assess and manage risks and make informed decisions.

Empathy and migration

Understanding why someone might have to leave their home will help young people develop empathy for people arriving in a new place. We can help young people to challenge assumptions about migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as develop mutual respect and understanding.

Back to better

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on all of us, particularly young people. This workshop takes young people on a journey of reflection - thinking on the things that have happened, how we copied and how we can prepare for the future.

Tackling loneliness

Explore what loneliness is and how it feels to be lonely. We encourage learners to use creative activities to overcome loneliness in themselves as well as reaching out to others who might be feeling lonely.

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For further information about the adult education resources or young people's workshops email or call 07834 529 083.

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