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Putting people and families at the heart of everything we do

Our teams

Adult Social Care offers a variety of care, support and advice services to ensure we meet our legal requirements to adults in urgent need of help.

The service also provides a range of preventative services, supporting people to live independently, improving their overall wellbeing and avoiding reliance on social care. People accessing adult social care and independent living may often have one or more of the following needs physical disability, learning disability, autism, mental health, care leaver, ex forces, carer, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, debt issues or unemployment.

The essential work of Adult Social Care is absolutely aligned with the Council's Thrive agenda, which aims to put people and families at the heart of everything we do.

Our adult social care direct team is the first point of contact for members of the public requiring care and support advice.

Our teams

Assessment and care planning - Our social care teams assess an adult's care and support needs to see if they are eligible for social care services. A care and support plan will be developed to meet eligible needs which will then be reviewed on a regular basis. The teams work with people using strengths-based approaches, seeking to help people.

Provider services - We support people with disabilities (learning disabilities, physical disabilities or mental health conditions) to be active in their local communities through citizenship, employment, enterprise or volunteering opportunities. We provide a range of support including:

  • domiciliary care
  • short stay residential establishments (promoting independence centres)
  • day service provision for people with autism and high complex needs, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health conditions and older people
  • independent supported living schemes
  • access to employment employment services
  • social enterprise schemes
  • respite services for people with autism and complex needs

Care call- Our care call service offers technology enabled support to give peace of mind for both service users and their family members. Telecare and telehealth services are able to provide innovative technological solutions to enable higher levels of user independence.

Assessment, care planning and management services

Our Single Point of Access Team respond to any initial requests for assessments and arranges necessary support.

Our Locality Teams assess, care plan and review people aged 18+ who have a physical disability or organic mental health issue.

Our Mental Health Team undertake specialist assessment of mental health needs.

Our Safeguarding Team has operational oversight of all adult safeguarding concerns on behalf of the local authority.

Our MAART - Multi Agency Assessment and Referral Team work with vulnerable individuals, in partnership with other agencies.

Our Learning Disabilities and Transitions Team asses, plan care for and review all those with a primary health need of learning disability.

Our DoLS - Deprivation of Liberty / BIA - Best Interest Assessment Team carry out BIA assessments, BIA reviews and Care Act reviews of those in a residential or nursing home.

Our QE Hospital Team assess people aged 18+ with a physical and mental health need to support effective safe discharge from hospital.

Provider services

Day services

Blaydon Lodge - provides specialist short breaks for people with a learning disability/complex need that live at home with their carers.

Domiciliary Care (PRIME - People Regaining Independence by Means of Enablement) - operates a seven-day service during the hours of 07.00 hours to 23.00 hours for up to 6 weeks. This service provides direct care and support within your own home.

GATES - Gateshead Access to Employment Service - helps people with disabilities that require support to obtain work. We offer a complete range of recruitment and training packages to help people with disabilities gain, and maintain, employment.

Enterprises -  offers opportunities to people with autism and learning disabilities to gain valuable work experience in preparation for employment.

Independent Living Schemes

Promoting Independence Centres - help to increase skills and raise confidence levels, meaning many people can continue living independently once they return home.

Shared Lives - Shared Lives carers offer longer term, short break and Flexible hour arrangements to support vulnerable people aged 16+. Shared Lives carers will help individuals to learn new skills and become as independent as possible, sharing their home and time with someone who needs support.