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Council Tax discretionary reduction

Council Tax reduction in special circumstances (Section 13A)

We can sometimes give a Council Tax reduction to people who find themselves unexpectedly in difficult and exceptional circumstances. This type of reduction applies to both occupied and unoccupied properties and is called a Section 13A reduction as it comes under Section 13A of the Local Government Finance Act. (opens new window)

We will need details of your situation and evidence to show what you have done to try and resolve the problems. Each case is looked at on an individual basis.

Applying due to financial problems

If you are applying because of financial problems, you will need to tell us about your income and what you spend. You should also provide details of any help or benefits that you have already applied for.

Applying due to exceptional circumstances

If you are applying because of exceptional circumstances you will need to send full details of the situation, including additional information such as reports, photographs or insurance documents.

It is not possible to list each exceptional situation, but an example would be that your home has become uninhabitable due to an event such as a fire or flooding.

The money to cover these reductions comes out of our own funds and the decision to make a reduction is at our discretion - we don't have to give a reduction to anyone.
After receiving an application, we may come back to you if we need more details.

Contact us for further information or to apply for this reduction.

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