Vision 2030

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"Our vision for Gateshead's future is to improve the economy, wellbeing and equality of opportunity so all residents and businesses can fulfil their potential."
Leader of Gateshead Council, Mick Henry

What is Vision 2030?

Vision 2030 is our blueprint for the future. It was developed through the Gateshead Strategic Partnership and involved thousands of local people, agencies and organisations. 

There have been many achievements during 2014-15 in relation to the Six Big Ideas which contribute to the delivery of Vision 2030.  These are set out below.

City of Gateshead

We want Gateshead to take its place alongside other great cities in terms of design, growth, natural resources, people and culture. This also involves working closely with Newcastle City Council to jointly improve the economy of both Newcastle and Gateshead.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • welcoming 985 students to the new Trinity Square student accommodation.
  • the completion of multi-million pound developments to improve Blaydon and Birtley town centres.
  • the North East Combined Authority consulting on proposals for devolution of power, funding and responsibilities, to accelerate economic growth in the North East and approving a plan to establish local council control of bus services, through a Quality Contracts Scheme.
  • the adoption of the Planning for the Future Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne 2010 - 2030. This will ensure that Gateshead has the policies to shape how land use and places will change and develop in the future, to create and sustain thriving communities and a more prosperous economy.

Global Gateshead

Global Gateshead seeks to recognise our role in the international community and make the most of any opportunities that will benefit local people and communities.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • welcoming Athletics Australia to Gateshead ahead of the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. Ninety-nine of the best Australian athletes were based at Gateshead International Stadium as part of their preparation for the games.
  • celebrating the achievement of The Great North Run and its one millionth runner, through a special event held on Gateshead and Newcastle Quaysides.
  • Gateshead schools continuing to develop international partnerships with schools all over the world.  Through funding by the British Council, a head teacher from Gujarat, India, visited Gateshead in June 2014 to learn from our Gateshead Schools.  Following this visit, teachers from Bede Primary, Brighton Avenue Primary and Larkspur Primary Schools visited partner schools in Gujarat.

Creative Gateshead

Creative Gateshead is all about investing in our heritage and our people.  It's about giving local people the chance to enjoy a variety of creative experiences and opportunities that improve their quality of life as well as the look and feel of the borough. 

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • the Secret Streets exhibition which took place at St Mary's Heritage Centre.  The exhibition brought in new audiences including  3,145 visitors who saw the exhibition in February 2015.
  • Brighton Avenue Primary School and Emmaville Primary School received outstanding judgements following their recent Ofsted inspection. Also, Haskel SEN School which is an independent Charedi (strictly orthodox) Jewish Special School, founded in 2013, achieved 'Outstanding' results across the board in their first full Ofsted inspection.
  • the Happy Healthy Gateshead Project which used arts and culture to engage local people in spreading the 5 steps to mental health and wellbeing and where to get support in Gateshead.

Sustainable Gateshead

This is about making Gateshead more sustainable in the future.  This means looking at how we live, travel, use our resources and energy, as well as show we ensure a sound economic future and an attractive local environment for Gateshead.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • successfully bidding for funding of over £4 million for three projects that will enable us to contribute to improving the natural environment with reducing flood risk and protecting our built heritage.
  • continued support for sustainable transport, through capital investment and related initiatives such as Schools Go Smarter and Go Smarter to Work.
  • receiving Housing Zone status for the Exemplar Neighbourhood, one of 20 housing schemes outside of London.  This means we have access to a £200 million loan fund and support from specialist Homes and Communities Agency Advisors which should enable us to accelerate the delivery of 1,000 new homes on the edge of Gateshead town centre.

Active and Healthy Gateshead

We want Gateshead to have one of the healthiest communities in the country with the building blocks in place to support and encourage people to take up opportunities to improve their health and lifestyle.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • awarding contracts for drug and alcohol treatment and the integrated wellness model, as well as sexual health services.
  • submitting Gateshead's Better Care Fund Plan to Government in line with updated national guidance.
  • Establishing a multi-agency partnership to oversee the 0-19 agenda, including preparing for the transfer of the 0-5 public health services to the Council.

Gateshead Volunteers

Gateshead Volunteers is about involving more local people in a way that benefits them and their community. We want Gateshead to be known as a national leader in promoting and supporting volunteering.

Some of the things we were involved in during 2014-15 included:

  • revising the Council's Community Asset Transfer Policy and Procedures to strengthen voluntary sector engagement and activity, providing opportunities for income generation and enabling more opportunities for volunteering.
  • leading a national campaign to encourage other councils to extend Volunteer's Week to a month to coincide with its 30th anniversary. 130 organisations including other local authorities and councils for voluntary service signed the Volunteers Month pledge of support.  Our own Volunteers Month involved over 460 organisations, with 7,000 taking part. 323 people recorded 38,244 hours of volunteering on our "totaliser".
  • recruiting and training six volunteers for a community resilience role. Volunteers will assist communities to harness local resources and expertise to help themselves and those less able to help themselves in an emergency, in a way that complements the response of the local authority and emergency services.

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