Building regulations approval

There are two types of application you can choose when making a building regulation submission:

Full plans application

A full plans application allows you to have your plans checked by our surveyors and approved as complying with building regulations.

A full plans application may be made for any type of building work, but it must be submitted for buildings to which the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (RRO) will apply. The RRO applies to all buildings apart from single family dwellings and the interior of individual flats.

With a full plans application you will get a set of approved plans to build from and near immunity from enforcement action if you build in accordance with those plans. Our staff can also advise you on:

  • Design and layout.
  • Structural design and local ground conditions.
  • Fire safety and engineering.
  • Energy conservation and sound transmission.
  • Access and facilities for people with disabilities

A full plans application needs to be accompanied by two full sets of plans and a plan fee.

Normally we will give you a decision on your application within five weeks; however, more complex proposals can take up to two months. 

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Building notice

If you are certain that you do not require formal approval of plans, and the building is not affected by the RRO, you have the option of choosing to submit a building notice.

As plans are not formally approved, our surveyors will concentrate their checking of the regulations at site inspections. However, you lose the assurance of building in accordance with approved plans and there may be delays to your project if work is found not to comply.

A building notice should be accompanied by the appropriate fee. If you do not send plans with the Building Notice and we decide we need them to determine if the work is likely to comply with the regulations, we will require some to be provided. This may be the case where a change in layout of any building is proposed. We will attempt to comment on your drawings in the same timescales as for Full Plans Applications.

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Regularisation application

If an alteration or extension has been carried out without first seeking Building Regulation approval, a regularisation application may be submitted to "Regularise" the work carried out.

This means that you can apply to to obtain retrospective approval for the completed work; however, this is only possible for work carried out after 11 November 1985.

To make an application, you must complete an application form and provide a description of the work carried out.

You should always seek approval for work first and this process must be regarded as a last resort.

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