Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is Gateshead's Sustainable Community Strategy which sets out the following ambitious and aspirational vision for Gateshead:

"Local people realising their full potential, enjoying the best quality of life in a healthy, equal, safe, prosperous and sustainable Gateshead."

Vision 2030 reflects the views of thousands of people and is informed by evidence gathered from Gateshead's area profile - which gives a picture of the quality of life and services across the borough.

The Six Big Ideas

Gateshead has undergone a journey of transformation over the last 20 years based on a long term vision and commitment to unlocking the potential of Gateshead. Vision 2030 aims to improve the wellbeing and equality of opportunity for everyone in Gateshead so that all residents and businesses can fulfil their potential. This 20 year strategy is clear about what needs to change and continues to accelerate our programme of transformation of Gateshead... one which focuses on people and place through 6 Big Ideas:

City of Gateshead

This is not just about becoming known as a city. It's about all the things that go with this status - it's about Gateshead taking its place alongside other great cities in terms of design, growth, natural resources, people and culture. This also involves working closely with Newcastle City Council to jointly improve the economy of both Gateshead and Newcastle.

Gateshead goes Global

Gateshead goes Global seeks to maximise the opportunities of globalisation for local benefit and reward and to recognise our role in the international community.

Creative Gateshead

Creative Gateshead is all about investing in our heritage and our people. It's about giving local people the chance to enjoy a variety of creative experiences and opportunities that improve their quality of life as well as the look and feel of the borough.

Sustainable Gateshead

This big idea is about making Gateshead more sustainable. This means looking at how we live, how we travel, use our resources and energy as well as how we ensure a sound economic future and an attractive local environment for Gateshead.

Active and Healthy Gateshead

We want Gateshead to have one of the healthiest communities in the country with the building blocks in place to support and encourage people to take up opportunities to improve their health and lifestyle.

Gateshead Volunteers

Gateshead Volunteers is about involving more local people in their community in a way that benefits them and their community. We want Gateshead to be known as a national leader in promoting and supporting volunteering.

Vision 2030 Document

Within the Vision 2030 Document you can find pathways for each of the Big Ideas along with a description of our aims, what we have achieved to date and what our priorities are for the next three years.


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