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Education, health and social care services

This section contains information about the support available for children and young people aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or disabilities from education providers (for example nurseries, schools, academies and colleges) and health and social care providers.

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Support that nurseries, early years providers, schools, academies and post-16 schools and colleges are expected to provide.
An image relating to Health provision
Find out about the range of health professionals involved in helping and supporting you and your child.
An image relating to Social care support
Support from our Special Educational Needs and Disability Team
An image relating to Special Educational Needs Improvement Team
The SENIT consists of two teams; the Low Incidence Needs Team (LINT) and the High Incidence Needs Team (HINT).
An image relating to Specialist educational provision
Children and young people requiring a higher level of support may be eligible to access specialist educational provision.
An image relating to Education, Health and Care Plans
Find out about the support a child receives based on their individual needs.
An image relating to Support for children at SEN Support
Find out about the support that is available to your child at SEN Support
An image relating to Early Years Support (0-4 years)
Find out about support available and our Early Years Assessment and Intervention Team.
An image relating to Where to get information, advice and support
The world of SEND can be confusing, but help is at hand.

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