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Terms and conditions for the use of the public computer service

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  1. To use our Public Computer Service you must be a library member. You can join today if you are not already a member. You may be asked to show your library card before accessing the computers.

  2. Users aged 16 and over may access the service for a maximum of 60 minutes per day. A session may be extended beyond this if availability allows, at the discretion of the library employee. Computer sessions may be booked by the half hour, a maximum of one week in advance.

  3. Services are available to children aged 8 and over. Children under 8 may only access the service when accompanied by a responsible adult aged 16 years or older, who is registered to use our public computers. Children may use the service for a maximum of 60 minutes per day. Sessions may be extended if availability allows, at the discretion of the library employee.

  4. The use of 'chat' services is not allowed for users under 16 years old. Access to games is at the sole discretion of staff and may be restricted to specific times of day and/or specific computers. Please ask for further details.

  5. You must not deliberately change the setup of the public computers provided for use. This includes downloading software to the computer.

  6. We only allow the legal download of music, from approved sites. Please ask staff for a guide to those sites you may use.

  7. A4 print outs cost 10p for black & white and 50p for colour.

  8. We recommend that you back up your documents to USB flash drive.

  9. You must not deliberately access any sites showing sexually explicit material, violence, promoting terrorism, viewing material and messages or taking part in forums and chat rooms that advocate or promote any such illegal activities. It shall be at the discretion of library staff as to what constitutes this material. A filtered Internet service is provided, but this cannot guarantee complete protection from this material.

  10. A log of Internet sites visited is kept. This will be examined to monitor sites visited if misuse is suspected. We reserve the right to check your computer's log without informing you. Secure personal information is not kept or accessed in this way.

  11. The computers provided are equipped with virus protection software: however, we cannot guarantee total protection from viruses when using our PCs.

  12. Your right to use the Public Computer Service is not transferable to anyone else. If you allow your library card to be used by anyone else without prior written consent by Gateshead Libraries you will be responsible for any misuse, loss or damage caused. If your library card is lost or stolen you must inform Gateshead Libraries as soon as it is possible to do so.

  13. To prevent misuse of the Public Computer Service you may be asked, from time to time, for identification to confirm you are the library cardholder. If you are not carrying identification you may be asked to produce identification before you can continue to use the Public Computer Service on any further occasion. Users under 16 years old need not provide identification but may be asked to confirm their age.

  14. Staff may finish a session if these conditions of use are broken. Gateshead Libraries reserve the right to suspend or ban any user from access to the Public Computer Service.

  15. Gateshead Libraries will withdraw or suspend access to the Service on account of:

  • Any breach of condition 9 above
  • Any misuse and
  • Downtime requirements necessitated by service upgrades or maintenance
  • and in any such case without compensation being payable

These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. A current version will be available at all libraries.

(Last revised January 2018)