Local man fined after public report fly-tip

Posted: 12 June 2018

ChrisHall FlytipA Gateshead man has been fined more than £600 after the waste he gave to someone to dispose of was fly tipped in Bensham, Gateshead.

Christopher Hall of Hadrian Drive, Stella pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to ensure that waste from his home was disposed of by an authorised person following an investigation by Gateshead Council.

Enforcement officers for Gateshead Council reacted to complaints from residents in Fontwell Drive, Bensham that a large quantity of waste and furniture had been deposited at the side of the road. Evidence found by the officers indicated that Christopher Hall may have been responsible.

Mr Hall was invited for interview and stated that he had been having renovation work done to his property and he had asked one of the workmen to dispose of the waste. However, he refused to say who this person was.

Mr Hall was summonsed to appear at Gateshead Magistrates Court on June 6, 2018 where he pleaded guilty to an offence of breaching his duty of care in respect of the transfer of the waste. He was ordered to pay a fine of £284, plus a £30 victim surcharge and costs of £300.

Anneliese Hutchinson, service director for Development, Transport and Public Protection, says:

"'Fly tipping is a crime and there may be a number of individuals involved between the waste being produced and when it is illegally dumped.

"There can never be any excuse for tipping waste on someone else's doorstep, so it's good to see that the Magistrates have imposed a substantial fine on Mr Hall for the part that he played. 

"I hope this serves as a warning that even if you get someone else to get rid of your waste, you can still be held responsible for it being dumped. The message is clear - you should always ensure that you only ever use a reputable, and licensed, contractor to remove your waste, not just the cheapest."

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