Making Spaces for Growing Places

MSGP will form Part 3 of our Local Plan following the adoption of the Icon for pdf Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan for Gateshead and Newcastle [59.93MB] which forms parts 1 and 2. MSGP intends to:

  • set out detailed policies to both assist applicants, and inform decisions made on planning applications

  • allocate land for particular types of development

  • designate land on the basis of its use or quality, including conservation areas, retail centres and local wildlife sites, for example

  • identify areas where there may be limitations on development.

  • The Submission Draft Plan is the version we intend to submit for a public examination in 2019. This is the last formal stage for residents, businesses and other organisations to review the plan and submit representations, while a request can also be made to attend and participate at the examination if required. 

Once adopted, the policies and allocated sites set out in MSGP will support the implementation of strategic priorities set out in the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan. MSGP will also supersede most of the remaining saved policies from Icon for pdf Gateshead's Unitary Development Plan (2007). [21.56MB]


MSGP has been submitted for an independent examination in April 2019 following consultation on a Draft Plan in 2017 and on a Submission-Draft plan in 2018. The submission is in accordance with Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. All representations received during the submission-draft consultation stage have been submitted to the Secretary of State (including any attachments and supplementary reports), as have a number of submission and evidence documents.

Submission documents

Icon for pdf Making Spaces for Growing Places - Submission Draft Plan (October 2018) [5.94MB]

Making Spaces for Growing Places Policies Map (Interactive)

Icon for pdf Making Spaces for Growing Places Policies Map 2018 [6.22MB]

Icon for pdf MSGP Notice of Submission [55.76KB]

Icon for pdf Report of Representations [17.35MB]

Icon for pdf Schedule of Representations- by Policy [1.27MB]

Icon for pdf Schedule of Representations (Representor Order) [1.28MB]

Icon for pdf Consultation Statement [2.61MB]

Icon for pdf Schedule of Minor Modifications [3.99MB]

Icon for pdf Duty to Cooperate Statement [2.0MB]

Icon for pdf Compliance Statement [1.56MB]

MSGP evidence base document library

Next steps

MSGP will now be subject to an independent examination conducted by the Planning Inspectorate after the Secretary of State appoint a Planning Inspector. The examination is a continuous process running from submission through to receipt of the Inspector's report.

The independent Programme Officer, Ashley Smith, will assist the Planning Inspector through the examination. She is responsible for all procedural matters of the examination and all future correspondence on the Plan and the examination will be via her. Ashley's contact details are:

Ashley Smith
Civic Centre
Regent Street

0191 433 3937

Those who made representations at the Publication stage will, if the Inspector deems it appropriate, be offered the opportunity to submit further material or take part in specific Hearing Sessions at their request and will be notified regarding the examination process by the Programme Officer.

For all updates and news relating to the MSGP Examination, please visit our MSGP examination.

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Spatial Planning and Housing Strategy
Development and Enterprise
Gateshead Council
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0191 433 3000

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