Child death review process

The death of any child is a tragedy and therefore it is vital that child deaths are carefully reviewed to learn as much as possible to try to prevent future deaths and to support the families involved. All deaths of babies or children aged under 18 in England are investigated according to set procedures (Chapter 5 of Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015)) regardless of the circumstances.

View the local procedures for reviewing child deaths in Gateshead.

Information for parents and other family members on support available can be found by visiting the Lullaby Trust. The Lullaby Trust have produced a Child Death Review booklet.

Parents should receive information on this process from the lead paediatrician when their child died and then from the Designated Doctor for Child Deaths, who tries to make contact with all bereaved parents.

If further information on the Child Death Review Process is required please contact the Child Death Review Co-ordinator on 0191 433 3547.

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