Our priorities

Our vision is that every child should grow up feeling safe and in a loving, secure environment, free from abuse, neglect and crime, enabling them to happy, healthy childhoods where they can fulfil their social and educational potential.

The protection of children and young people in Gateshead has always been a core commitment of partners who work together in the area. The LSCB takes responsibility for the core inter-agency child protection work whilst embracing the wider safeguarding duties established in the Children Act 2004.

Each year Gateshead LSCB members set business and strategic priorities for the coming year. These priorities form part of the LSCB Business Plan. We previously agreed a new approach in 2014 and adopted a three year Business Plan for 2014-2017. The Business Plan emphasised the role of the LSCB in leading the safeguarding agenda, in challenging the work of partnership organisations, and in committing to an approach which learns lessons, embeds good practice and which is continually influenced by the views of children and young people.

Given that the role and work of LSCB is going to change significantly within the next 12 months, we agreed not to adopt a further three year plan for 2017 onwards and therefore at our meeting in July 2017 we signed off our 2017-2018 Business Plan.

In 2017-2018 our focus will continue to be on three strategic business priorities:

  • Leadership
  • Challenge
  • Learning

There will also be a focus on five thematic priority areas:

  • Voice of the child
  • Improving relationships and the interface with schools
  • Early Help
  • Mental health
  • Safeguarding disabled children

Our Business Plan sets out how we are going to work towards these key areas. In addition, we will work to prepare for the implementation of new legislation around statutory strategic arrangements for safeguarding.

Gateshead LSCB is keen to work with children, young people and professionals in Gateshead in setting the priorities for the Board and focusing partner agencies on those priorities. If there are thematic areas of work or any particular issues that you feel the LSCB should focus on, please let us know.

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