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Saltwell Park, Gateshead Central Library and Leisure Centre

Wriggle Saltwell Park
Wriggle: Colin Rose

There's a whole host of interesting sculptures to discover on a walk around Saltwell Park. And when you've found them all, the nearby Central Library and Leisure Centre are also home to intriguing public artworks. Why not pop into Gateshead's much loved Shipley Art Gallery - the North East's leading gallery of design and contemporary craft.

The artworks

There are 13 results.
    • artist Artist Sam Brewster
    • about About The heart of Saltwell Park is home to this brightly coloured sculpture intended to allude to the concepts of safe passage and transition.
    Community Garden Seating
    • artist Artist Bill Pierce and Jonah Maurice
    • about About Sculptural seating for the Community Garden by Central Library.
    Foliate Carving
    • artist Artist Gilbert Ward
    • about About A stone sculpture fitting to its surroundings in Saltwell Park.
    • artist Artist Hideo Furuta
    • about About Four steel tables and eight hand-carved granite spheres created by Japanese artist in Saltwell Park.
    Komatsu Ceramic Mural
    • artist Artist Constant, Hufton, Tokuda and Koshita
    • about About Mural situated in the entrance of Gateshead Leisure Centre and Gateshead Central Library.
    Library Manifestations
    • artist Artist Ira Lightman and Dan Civico
    • about About A text based artwork on the walls of Central Library created with the community.
    Pavilion for Cultural Exchange
    • artist Artist William Pym
    • about About Iconic metal pavilion designed on the principle of a confessional box in Saltwell Park.
    Saltwell Willowherb
    • artist Artist Bridget Jones
    • about About Beautiful glass screens surrounding the central stairwell of Saltwell Towers.
    • artist Artist Danny Clahane
    • about About Stone carved sculpture depicting a head in hands in Saltwell Park.
    The Language Stone
    • artist Artist Gordon Young
    • about About Brilliant white stone sculpture in Saltwell Park bearing inscriptions of expressions of love.
    This way up
    • artist Artist Stephen Newby
    • about About Curvaceous metal sculpture in the heart of Saltwell Park.
    • artist Artist Cate Watkinson
    • about About A beautiful seat in the heart of the park with a layer of glass at its heart creating a flowing organic form.
    • artist Artist Colin Rose
    • about About A steel sculpture representing the elements hanging in space above the viewers eye at the point of Saltwell Park's waterfall.

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