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Lettings policy

In partnership with The Gateshead Housing Company, we want to make finding a home as simple, fair and open as possible and this is done through the our Lettings Policy and Tyne & Wear Homes' "Choice Based Lettings" scheme.

The majority of homes for rent will be advertised under the Tyne & Wear Homes scheme. For more information email the Tyne & Wear Homes Team on

There are documents at the bottom of this page that refer to the current Lettings Policy, Statement of Flexibility, Tyne & Wear Homes and a guide to getting a home.

The policy for dealing with applications for rehousing is set out in our Lettings Policy. Under our Lettings Policy, homes are allocated to one of four categories of housing need. These categories are critical, urgent, substantial or general.

Also included in the Lettings Policy is:

  • Registration for Tyne & Wear Homes
  • Lettings criteria
  • Exclusion and demotion of registrations and how to appeal
  • Category of needs and the housing need criteria

The Lettings Policy is subject to periodic review which is currently being undertaken. Part of the review of the Lettings Policy involves the procedure for requesting a review of 'exclusions of applications' for rehousing due to tenancy related debt.

Section 8 of the Lettings Policy sets out the 'exclusion appeals' process and states that once the review process has been exhausted applicants are entitled to request a members appeal. This right is only available to applicants who submit their request for a review within 21 days of the date of their exclusion notification letter. Any reviews received outside of the 21 day period will be classed as an out of time review and the applicant will not have the right to request a members appeal.

Statement of Flexibility

The Statement of Flexibility is intended to support the Lettings Policy and identify those areas of the Lettings Policy which are subject to regular review. The relevant sections of the Lettings Policy are specified to simplify cross reference.

More information regarding the Council's Lettings Policy and allocation of Council homes is also available on The Gateshead Housing Company's website.

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