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Stop smoking on your own

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Surprising as it may seem, you are better off stopping abruptly, not trying to gradually cut down. Research has found that when smokers stop abruptly they are more likely to succeed.

Electronic cigarettes can help you stop. Research has shown that smokers who use an e-cigarette in a quit attempt are 50% more likely to succeed.

What it involves

If you are going it alone you will want to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success. 

We can help you with this by giving you the information and advice that you need, and pointing you to resources that you can use if things get tough.

Benefits to you

You'll save money - estimate how much using NHS inform's Calculate My Savings tool.

Your commitment

You set a quit date (it could be today!) and then do everything you can to avoid even a single puff on a cigarette. 

Get started

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Find out about websites and apps that can help you

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