Alternative accommodation

Options are available for people who are unable to live by themselves or would prefer not to.

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives service supports vulnerable adults aged 18 and over to access a wide range of activities and opportunities in their local community and achieve their aspirations.

Shared Lives carers will help individuals to learn new skills and become as independent as possible, sharing their home and time with someone who needs support.

The Shared Lives Service can provide the following types of care and support:

  • Long term accommodation - People live with Shared Lives carers, sharing their lives and their home
  • Short breaks - People stay temporarily with a Shared Lives carer to get a break from routine or to give their carers a break
  • Day time support
  • 'kinship' support - Shared Lives carers support people in their own home and community

The service supports vulnerable adults who are looking for somewhere to live with trained and approved Shared Lives carers. For example, adults may need support if they are returning to the community from hostels or long-stay hospitals, they might not be able to manage on their own, or they may be unable or unwilling to live with their own families.

Interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer?

Shared Lives carers are ordinary people from the local community who are given training to become carers. As a Shared Lives Carer you may offer help for a few hours each week or you may wish to have someone to stay for a few days to give their relatives a break from caring. The service also matches people on a longer-term basis.

Experience of helping people is useful but full training will be given to you, and can lead to a recognised qualification. Allowances are paid to you for the help you offer.

If you're interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer contact Adult Social Care Direct using the details at the bottom of the page.

Gateshead Hour Lives

Gateshead hour lives is a day service provided by Shared Lives carers who can give flexible support to adults with a disability, including evenings and weekends.

Supported Living Service

The supported living service assists people with learning disabilities to live in a shared house in their own room with shared communal spaces. Support workers will be on hand in case anybody needs anything, allowing people to be as independent as possible.

Emergency accommodation can also be arranged at short notice.

An assessment of your needs for adult social care will be carried out to see if you qualify for the above services which will include details of cost.

For further information contact Adult Social Care Direct using the details below.


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