Door step safety

How to stay safe when you have unexpected visitors

Remember to always:

  • Use your door-chain or door-bar when answering the door and install a door viewer and an outside light.
  • Ask to see the caller's identity card and check it thoroughly. If you feel unsure ask the caller to wait on the doorstep while you phone the company to check.
  • Lock the door whilst you go and phone and don't open the door until you are totally convinced. Anyone who is genuine will not mind you doing this.
  • Ask them to return at an agreed day and time when you have someone with you. Don't let callers put pressure on you to let them in.
  • If in doubt - keep them out.
  • If you are suspicious - ring the Police.

Telephone Scams

Avoid becoming a victim of telephone scams with Northumbria Police's Northumbria Police advice

Bogus Traders

Bogus workmen may try to carry out unnecessary repairs on your home and can be quite persistent and convincing. If a workman says you need repairs, tell them you will get some quotes for the work from other companies and get back to them.

  • Always use a reputable company to carry out repairs or work on your property - Trading standards
  • Never part with money - don't do business on the doorstep.

For further advice contact Trading Standards.


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