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In 2014-15, we spent £583.6 million on the day to day delivery of services for you, your family and your community. The detail of this can be seen in the service analysis table click here. link.

In addition, the Council invested £63.2m of capital resources to meet priorities set out in Vision 2030 as part of the Capital Programme. This included:

  • Almost £23m of investment in housing
  • £9m of investment in the Council's transport infrastructure
  • £8.1m has been invested in Waste Management Infrastructure
  • £5.6m of improvements to the Council's Schools
  • Over £3.5m of investment in carbon management and sustainability projects
  • £1.7m of investment in the Council's property assets to fulfil Health and Safety obligations
  • Almost £1.5m of investment in providing Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Over £1.2m of investment in the Council's ICT network

View a full breakdown of the Council's budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy on the Council finance webpages.

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