Funding and support


"We are always looking at how we can do things better, save money and be more efficient."
Leader Gateshead Council, Mick Henry

The Council, along with other local authorities, has faced unprecedented reductions in government funding since 2010. Since this date, we've delivered budget savings of £110 million. 

But service pressures and increasing demand for services, particularly from those most vulnerable, means we face more financial challenges in the future. However, we have a good track record of identifying and delivering significant savings combined with effective and efficient financial planning.

Our net budget (total expected expenditure less total expected income) for 2014-15 was £219.008 million.  The actual expenditure for the year was £214.595m, resulting in an underspend position of £4.413m on services.  This underspend relates primarily to savings on Capital Financing,  the Insurance Fund and additional Continuing Health Care Income in Adult Social Care and Independent Living.  The Construction Trading account delivered a surplus of £1.285m bringing the total net expenditure for the Council down to £213.310m.  The detail behind the £213.310m (both gross expenditure and income) can be seen in the Service Analysis.

Support to local organisations and individuals in 2014-15

Through the Gateshead Fund we are able to help others to achieve a thriving voluntary and community and social enterprise sector in Gateshead, with the aim of creating strong and cohesive neighbourhoods and communities.

There are two elements to the Gateshead Fund and during 2014/15 the:

  • Local Community Fund aided 110 groups with support totalling £68,000. Allocations ranged from £183 to £3,600 and funded scout groups to community festivals and art and sporting clubs.
  • Capacity Building Fund supported 156 organisations with assistance totalling £600,000.

Other examples of support are set out below:

  • 7.7% of people with learning disabilities known to the Council are in paid employment, which is an improvement on the previous year.
  • 11,200 people received financial information, advice and guidance from partners which culminated in increased benefit entitlements of £4.9 million, managed debts written off to the value of £4.3 million and financial awards of £253,000.
  • 18 social enterprises have been supported with a minimum of 12 hours business consultancy.
  • The Family Intervention Team delivered 25 parenting programmes with 118 parents completing the course.
  • Active Kidz activities attracted 267 children and young people during the spring and summer holiday periods.  65% were referrals from social care and 35% from public bookings.

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