If a young person commits a crime, they can pay something back to the Community for the harm they have caused through engaging in reparation. This can be directly to the person they have harmed or indirectly to their community and this decision is determined through consultation with the victim of the offence.

The views of victims of crime and of members of the Community are important and Gateshead Youth Offending Team endeavours to put them at the heart of its service. The team works with young people to help them understand the effects of their behaviour.

The Youth Offending Team works on many different and diverse schemes that help the community. In recent schemes, young people have:

  • Planted and grown fruit and vegetables in our Allotment; these are then donated to various Care Homes and Community Centres throughout Gateshead
  • Helped clear the overgrown grounds of Path Head Watermill, and other community centres
  • Painted, decorated and contributed to the renovation of Community Centres and Sports Clubs in Gateshead
  • Winter Wreath Project -  produced and sold wreaths, and contributed the proceeds to a local charity
  • Helped clear litter and graffiti throughout Gateshead.


Litter picking at the Angel of the North Graffiti removal on the Dilly Line

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