Council Chamber

In 2015/16, the Council's net revenue expenditure was £206.053m, which was spent on the day-to-day delivery of services for you, your family and your community.

In addition, the Council invested £53.7m of capital resources to meet priorities set out in Vision 2030 as part of the Capital Programme. This included:

  • Almost £17.8m of investment in housing
  • £6.8m of investment in the Council's transport infrastructure
  • £5.6m of improvements to the Council's Schools
  • Over £9.0m of investment in carbon management and sustainability projects
  • £1.0m of investment in the Council's property assets to fulfil Health and Safety obligations
  • Over £3.0m of investment in the Council's ICT network

View a full breakdown of the Council's budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy on the Finance webpages.

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