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Exercise class at the Mill
Taking part in an exercise class at 'The Mill'

When it comes to getting involved in events, consultations, focus groups, volunteering opportunities and a whole host of other activities, local people have been there...done that!  Some of the highlights of how local people got involved are listed below.

  • Volunteers month in June recorded over 56,000 volunteers hours - that is a 68% increase from last year which equates to £778,650 in economic value
  • A celebration event was held in Trinity Square and over 16,450 people went through Trinity Square
  • More than 500 representatives from 330 voluntary and community groups attended the NE Funding Fair 2015, organised by the Council. They met would be funders to get the advice and help they needed to help them secure funding in the future.
  • Pupils from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Blaydon completed their 'Dig for Victory' garden over the summer on a piece of land alongside the school. The garden has proved a big hit with pupils and local people.
  • Blackhall Mill Community Association recently undertook a survey to find out what local people wanted from their community centre. As a result of this feedback and focus groups, a number of new activities are now available from 'The Mill' as it is now known including:
    • Genealogy and family history taster sessions
    • New dance and exercise classes
    • Yoga, mindfulness and Qigong classes
    • Photography taster sessions
    • Film clubs for young people and Children

Between April 2015 and March 2016 we undertook 57 consultations and received 6,435 responses through the use of our consultation portal available on our website.  We also carried out an additional 22 new consultations around Transport which were asking residents if they objected to traffic schemes and we received 225 responses to these consultations. Paper questionnaires were also available for many of these consultations by either contacting the Council or picking one up in on our local libraries. 

Throughout the year we have asked local people and visitors to give us their views and tell us what is important to them for many different issues and services.  Some examples include asking about:

  • As part of the Residents Survey we asked you how satisfied you were with your local area and what you could do to help improve your area.
  • We consulted with you on community safety in your local area and the strategic priorities for 2016/17.  We asked you how safe you felt living in your area and about anti-social behaviour in your area.

One of our big consultations in November 2015 was to do with the Council's budget and we also set up a new approach to consulting with residents through our Viewpoint Online consultation site and we carried out our first survey on Health and Lifestyle Survey 2016 and received 649 responses.

All of our consultations have played an important part in helping to improve or shape services and we will continue to involve local people and visitors in the decisions that we make about council services.

All of our on-line consultations and feedback can be accessed on our consultation pages.

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