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Questions about secondary school admissions

Where can I access more information about a particular school?

Information relating to a particular school can be accessed on the individual schools website. You can also attend the open evening/days for secondary schools in Gateshead, dates of which are shown on page 5 of the Icon for pdf Admission to secondary school booklet [360.14KB] .

Annual school performance tables and Ofsted school inspection reports are available at and

I do not live in Gateshead, how do I apply to a Gateshead schools?

You must apply direct to your home local authority (LA). They will forward a copy of your application form to us. If you are not offered a Gateshead school your home LA will ensure your child is allocated a school place in your area.

How can I assess the likelihood of there being a place for my child at the school I want?

You will be able to identify from the information in the schools admission policy, how high up the admission criteria your child will be. You can then look at the statistical information for the school in section two of the Icon for pdf Admission to secondary school booklet [360.14KB]. This information will give you an idea of the trend of applications, offers and appeals received for the last two academic years. However, this must be treat with some caution as these figures can change significantly from year to year.

Why should I apply to more than one school?

If you only list one school on your application form you cannot be certain that your child will be offered a place there. If you do not let us know about any other schools on your application form that you might have considered as a second or third preference then you may run the risk of leaving it too late to obtain a place at these schools if your application for a first preference school is unsuccessful. We strongly recommend you use all three preferences, doing so does not reduce your chance of gaining a place at your first preference school. Please remember that we cannot guarantee that your child will be offered a place at one of your chosen schools, even if you live in the catchment area or have another child attending this school as this will depend on the number of applications the school receives.

I share custody of my child with my ex-partner, what address should I use on the application form?

You should contact The School Admissions Team on 0191 433 2756 or 433 2757 before completing your application form and you will be given individual advice on this issue. It is expected that where there is shared parental responsibility for a child, that parents will agree which parent has the main responsibility before completing their application form. Documentary evidence will be requested. If you are unable to provide evidence of shared responsibility the local authority will use the address of the parent/carer who receives the child benefit.

My child has Special Educational Needs. Should I still complete an application form?

If your child is being assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) you should still complete an application form, however if your child already has an EHCP there is no need to complete an application form as the EHCP will name the school that your child will attend. 

What happens if I miss the closing date of 31 October 2019?

Your application will be classed as late and you will severely reduce your chances of gaining a place at your chosen schools. You must give a reason as to why your application was submitted late. For applications received after 31 October 2019 but on or before 9 December 2019 we may be able to consider your application for exceptional reasons. For example, you may have just moved into the area. In such circumstances proof of ownership or tenancy of your address will be required.

Each late application will be decided on its own merits. You need to be aware that if we agree to consider a late application as on-time for exceptional reasons this does not in itself mean that we can offer your child a place. It simply means that your application will be considered in accordance with the admission criteria along with all other applications that were received on time.

Late applications received after 9 December 2019 may not be processed until after 2 March 2020 however an offer will be made for your community catchment school or next nearest school  in Gateshead with places available measured as the crow flies from the main entrance of the school to your home address.

What if I change my preferences after the closing date of 31 October 2019?

Change of preferences will only be considered if you can demonstrate that there are exceptional circumstances relating to the reasons for the change. You need to think carefully about the initial preferences you rank on your application form as the majority of change of preference requests for oversubscribed schools are not considered to be exceptional.

If we cannot consider your change of preference we will still proceed with the preferences you gave on your original application form for determining the offer of places on 2 March 2020. Any change of preference request received after 9 December 2019 will not be processed until after 2 March 2020.

What happens if I move house after the closing date of 31 October 2019?

Please refer to pages 31-32 of the Icon for pdf Admission to secondary school booklet [360.14KB]. for information on how your application will be considered if you move house after the closing date.

What happens if I do not complete an application form?

If you are a Gateshead resident a place will still be allocated to your child at your catchment school or next nearest school in Gateshead with places available measured as the crow flies from the main entrance of the school to your home address.  However this offer may be made after 2 March 2020.

What happens if my child is not offered a place at any of my preferred schools?

Your child will be offered a place at your community catchment school/academy or next nearest community school or academy depending upon the availability of places.

If you are refused a place you  have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel and may also request that your child's name is placed on the schools waiting list. Waiting lists are maintained according to the schools admission criteria with no regard to the ranking the school was given on the application form. A child's position on a waiting list may change on a weekly basis due to additions or deletions of children on the list.

What happens if my preferred school(s) receive more applications than the number of places available?

If a school/academy has too many applications for the places available they are known as an over-subscribed school.  Places will be allocated using the schools admission criteria set out in their admission policy.  The admission criteria for Gateshead schools can be found from page 11 of the information booklet.

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