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Rural Economic Strategy

The purpose of the Gateshead Rural Economic Strategy is to help improve the economic performance of the rural area of Gateshead.

The Strategy reflects the following issues:

  • The importance of the urban core of NewcastleGateshead as the driver of economic growth in the region
  • Gateshead's location at the heart of the "functional economic area" of the North Eastern Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area reflects a flexible, mobile workforce that can commute for suitable higher-level employment
  • The aspiration to increase the population to promote economic growth, (to 200,000 in Gateshead and 500,000 across NewcastleGateshead - by 2030).
  •  Weak economic growth predictions by the Office of Budgetary Responsibility

The Strategy and Action Plan is based on three key themes that reflect the challenges facing the rural economy:

  1. Business - Maximising the potential and competitiveness of both new and existing businesses 
    The Strategy will encourage the growth of tourism related businesses, to reap the benefits derived from both new and existing tourism activity.
    Food and drink production, including aspects of farming diversification is seen as a key growth area. Development of locally produced food, niche markets and a 'food hub' are all seen as opportunity areas.
    Maximising the economic potential of our land and property assets will help generate new business opportunities and provide new business accommodation within rural locations.
  2. People - Developing the local labour market to meet the needs of the rural economy
  3. Place - Creating successful and resilient rural communities