Sports grants

We are committed to help local athletes achieve their potential, and the following schemes are in place to support their progression within their chosen sport:

Sports Training Pass

Available to Gateshead residents or those who are first claim members of a Gateshead sports club who have competed at county level. A Sports Training Pass allows free use of some of our sports facilities. 

Sporting Individual Grants

Sporting grants of between £100 and £400 are available to those who live within the Gateshead Borough. Athletes competing as individuals and those selected for representative teams can both apply providing the sport is recognised by Sport England. Athletes are entitled to apply for an award within each financial year beginning in April. Grants are awarded retrospectively and must be applied for within the six months following the date of the qualifying competition. 

Talented Athlete Scheme

The Talented Athlete Scheme is aimed at providing financial support for athletes to reach their full potential. Applicants must live within Gateshead. The scheme will provide up to £1000 to assist the cost of the following:

  • travel (to training or competition)
  • training
  • equipment
  • accommodation (competition)
  • specialist support

For more information and to apply for any of these schemes: Icon for pdf Sports grants application [151.29KB]

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