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Athlete Support

Local athletes competing at regional level or above can apply for support towards their training and competition costs to help them achieve their potential within their chosen sport. 

Please note the eligibility criteria for the Athlete Support Scheme changed in May 2019. Competitions prior to (and including) May 2019 will not be eligible unless they match the new criteria. Please take the time to read the guidance notes on the form to ensure you are eligible to apply. 

Sports Training Pass

Available to Gateshead residents or those who are first claim members of a Gateshead sports club who have achieved the criteria at regional level or above. A Sports Training Pass allows free use of some of our sports facilities. 

Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process / verify applications from date of receipt before a pass can be issued. Those re-applying for a Sports Training Pass should take these timescales into consideration when submitting their forms - access cannot be granted to facilities once a pass has expired even if an application is pending. 

Sports Grants

Sports Grants are available to individuals competing at regional, national and international level who are Gateshead residents. Grants are awarded retrospectively (after the competition) and forms need to be received within 6 months of the competition date. Please read the guidance notes on the application form for more information on eligibility. 

Icon for pdf Download the Athlete Support application form  [255.18KB]

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