The Gateshead Thrive Fund

The Council remains committed to supporting the Borough's voluntary and community groups, despite the difficult budget choices it has had to make over recent years.

The Gateshead Thrive Fund's principles reflect our ambition to make Gateshead a place where everybody thrives, by:

  • developing the capacity of community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations in Gateshead
  • supporting the provision of services by voluntary and community organisations in Gateshead
  • creating stronger communities in Gateshead by building on the voluntary efforts of residents, local community assets and the work of elected members in their wards
  • encouraging and supporting residents to help out in their communities (volunteering)

The main priorities for the Gateshead Thrive Fund are:

  • projects which support the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead and/or the most vulnerable residents
  • projects which address poverty
  • building social capital and increasing active participation by residents within Gateshead
  • helping to support and enable volunteering

Further information on the pledges can be found on the I Pledge website.

The Thrive Fund comprises the following strands:

Thrive Fund Community Grant

The Community Grant is administered by the Community Foundation Tyne and Wear & Northumberland to support voluntary and community sector organisations delivering activities and services for the benefit of people in Gateshead.

Funding request

Applications can be made for between £500 and £2,000. Funding for Community Grants is limited and will be awarded using a fast track system; once the allocated funding is awarded, the programme will close.


Applications will be considered from voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations, based or working in Gateshead, and with an annual income under £250,000. Eligible groups are:

  • Constituted voluntary or community organisations
  • Registered charities and Charitable Incorporated Organisations
  • Charitable companies
  • Social enterprises (for example, Community Interest Companies (CICs) and Co-operatives)

Type of project objectives that can be funded

Project objectives which can be funded include those that:

  • support the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead
  • support the most vulnerable residents, such as children, young people, older people and those with disabilities
  • enhance the environment
  • help address poverty, such as school holiday activity projects and foodbanks
  • Projects which develop and increase volunteering, including activities associated with Gateshead Volunteer's Month, will also be considered. For example:
    • a taster event or open day to help recruit new volunteers
    • activity which benefits the growth and development of volunteers, both new and existing; for example, training and team development
    • Publicity and promotional materials
    • demonstrable and reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by volunteers linked to a specific volunteering event or activity

Type of project activities that can be considered

Applications can request the following to be considered for support:

  • start-up costs associated with setting up newly constituted community organisations (CICs can seek support within the first 12 months of operation)
  • a contribution to core costs, such as accountancy fees and public liability insurance (except CICs)
  • publicity materials, including website design/social media, film and print
  • consultation and feasibility research
  • events/activities
  • professional fees, such as planning, building regulation, architects, surveyors
  • capacity building activity, such as training and development for volunteers and management committee members, organisation accreditation/quality standard compliance, for example, Trusted Charity Mark
  • purchase of small items of equipment, such as tablets, printers, display banners


Community Grants will not fund:

  • organisations with an annual income over £250,000
  • organisations in receipt of a Community Grant awarded in the last 12 months
  • contributions to general appeals or circulars
  • one-off events that do not demonstrably meet the Fund's priorities
  • religious activity, which is not for the wider public benefit
  • activities which have already taken place/retrospective funding
  • grant making by other organisations/third party funding
  • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships
  • organisations with unrestricted reserves that exceed one year's running costs
  • individuals and sole traders

How to apply

Applications can only be made using the Community Grants online application form. Please ensure you are using the correct application form, as we cannot consider applications made on the general online application form; if you are unsure, please seek advice using the contact information below.

Paper applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances; please contact us first if you are unable to use the online system.

Further information

Applicants may find it useful to discuss their grant application with the Community Foundation in advance of applying, to help establish eligibility. Please contact:

Nils Stronach
Senior Programme Adviser
Community Foundation Tyne and Wear & Northumberland

    For general advice and guidance contact

    Neighbourhood Management and Volunteering
    Culture, Communities, Leisure and Volunteering
    Civic Centre
    Regent Street
    NE8 1HH

    0191 433 3824


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