The Gateshead Fund

The council remains committed to supporting the borough's voluntary and community groups, despite the difficult budget choices it has had to make over recent years.

The Gateshead Fund has been renamed the Gateshead Thrive Fund, and the fund's principles now reflect our ambition to make Gateshead a place where everybody thrives, by:

  • developing the capacity of community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations in Gateshead
  • supporting the provision of services by voluntary and community organisations in Gateshead
  • creating stronger communities in Gateshead by building on the voluntary efforts of residents, local community assets and the work of elected members in their wards
  • encouraging and supporting residents to help out in their communities (volunteering)

The main priorities for the Gateshead Thrive Fund are:

  • projects which support the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead and/or the most vulnerable residents
  • projects which address poverty
  • building social capital and increasing active participation by residents within
  • helping to support and enable volunteering

The strands of the Gateshead Thrive Fund

The fund will now be made up of the following strands:

  • a community grants programme for smaller organisations
  • a main fund
  • a crowdfunding pilot programme
  • the Local Community Fund
  • sporting grants for individuals
  • Volunteers Month grant

Community grants programme

Eligibility: community and social enterprise sector organisations based or working in Gateshead and with an annual income under £50,000

Amount of funding available: Grants of between £500 and £1,500

Type of projects that can be funded
Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate greatest need, as well as clear support for the development and delivery of one or more of the council's five pledges within its five-year strategic approach, 'Making Gateshead a Place Where Everyone Thrives'. This includes:

  • supporting for the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Gateshead and/or the most vulnerable residents
  • building social capital/networks and increasing ownership within communities
  • improving the environment
  • addressing poverty
  • developing and increasing volunteering
  • establishing 'Community Soup' participation events
  • marking the centenary of the end of the First World War
  • complementing the Great Exhibition of the North

What components of a project can be funded

  • core running costs (except Social Enterprises, such as CICs)
  • start-up costs
  • events/activities
  • project costs
  • capacity building activity; for example, volunteer and management committee training, creating new systems
  • purchase of small items of equipment; for example, IT equipment

How to apply for funding from the Gateshead Thrive Fund

In 2016, we entered into an agreement with the Community Foundation Tyne and Wear and Northumberland to administer and develop the Gateshead Thrive Fund.
When a particular strand of the Fund is open for applications, the application information will be accessible on the Community Foundation's website. Keep up to date by signing up for the Community Foundation's eNews monthly newsletter Community Foundation's eNews monthly newsletter

Applications can only be made using the dedicated Community Foundation's website

The Community Grants Programme opens on Tuesday 8 May 2018. The closing date for applications is Friday 13 July 2018.

Funds are limited and will be awarded using a fast track system; once the allocated funds are awarded, the programme will close.

Further information

Applicants may wish to discuss their projects with the Community Foundation in advance of applying. Please contact:

Nils Stronach
Senior Programme Advisor
Community Foundation
Philanthropy House
Woodbine Road
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1DD

0191 222 0945

How the Gateshead Fund has been spent

The following publications provide information about previous grants and how they have been spent in communities across Gateshead.

For general advice and guidance contact

Neighbourhood Management and Volunteering
Culture, Communities, Leisure and Volunteering
Civic Centre
Regent Street

0191 433 3824


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