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Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

Engagement with communities

We understand that helping everyone to thrive means different things to different people depending on their own personal circumstances. Across Gateshead there are diverse needs and perspectives which we need to understand to help us make decisions for the future.

We are committed to listening to the views of local people and we are always looking at ways to better understand these views as this helps us to take into account all of the different views when we make decisions and develop services.

As part of or Corporate Plan we will:

  • focussing on our residents' needs
  • engaging with all our residents, and partners, to understand what matters to them
  • working in partnership to benefit Gateshead
  • providing quality public services that are accessible to all
  • making best use of our resources and look to invest in the future of the borough
  • adopting modern and efficient working practices
  • promoting a culture of fairness, openness and transparency
  • providing equality of opportunity in all our activities and ensure that discrimination does not occur
  • lobbying for Gateshead's interests both regionally and nationally