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Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

How we will deliver our Corporate Plan

Our pledges set out our priorities for the next five years, in 5 key areas and outline what we are going to deliver. 

However we have also identified 6 priorities which will support how we deliver our plan and how we work as an organisation. 

Prioritising: Inclusivity

We will:

  • embed our organisational values and behaviours
  • promote, champion and advocate diversity
  • demonstrate inclusive leadership, partnership, and a clear organisational commitment to be a leader in equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • involve and enable our diverse communities in our decision-making processes
  • encourage and build a skilled and diverse workforce to build a culture of equity and inclusion in everything we do

Prioritising: Customer experience

We will:

  • put our customers at the heart of everything do
  • provide a consistent quality of service to our customers
  • reflect customer feedback in the design and delivery of services
  • continue to adopt a digital by default approach, enabling self-service where achievable
  • co-design and collaborate with partners where possible, to deliver for local communities
  • effectively communicate and engage residents and partners in the work of the council

Prioritising: Financial sustainability

We will:

  • ensure effective and prudent use of the council's resources
  • provide value for money through efficient and effective service delivery
  • provide services without the use of reserves
  • continue to identify and develop new and appropriate income generating opportunities that are in keeping with our priorities
  • maintain an investment strategy that preserves and improves the financial resources available to the council
  • rigorously manage the council's risks
  • have sound governance arrangements in place

Prioritising: Culture

We will:

  • develop refreshed core values for the council to be incorporated into how we work and everything we do
  • develop a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy to be rolled-out across the council
  • promote communication and transparency
  • welcome challenge and learn from our mistakes

Prioritising: Continuous improvement

We will:

  • review and strengthen our performance management framework, including regular reporting and clear accountability
  • develop a clear programme of transformation and improvement activity
  • arrange for a peer challenge in 2024 and act promptly on key recommendations
  • recognise and celebrate good performance and address poor performance through a strengthened Appraisal and Development framework for employees
  • develop a council-wide awareness and culture of continuous improvement in every aspect of council activity

Prioritising: Good governance

We will:

  • review the council's constitution to ensure it is accessible, comprehensive, and meets the needs of the council in the delivery of this Corporate Plan
  • promote awareness of the seven principles of public life ('the Nolan principles') and effective application of the respective codes of conduct for councillors and employees
  • review the council's overview and scrutiny function to ensure it is robust, challenges constructively, and contributes continually to the delivery of this Corporate Plan
  • ensure the revenue budget and capital programme remain balanced and sustainable over a rolling 5 year period
  • maintain a programme of reviews for our services to ensure they are delivered efficiently and effectively