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Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

Working together and fighting for a better future for Gateshead

We want Gateshead to have an aspirational outlook and visionary future, whilst reflecting the needs of local people and building for our future generations.

We want to ensure that there is a broad range of homes available for our residents. We will work with partners to meet housing needs now and for the future. We will invest £168m to build new council homes and improve our current offer.

It is important that residents have access to improved connectivity within Gateshead and the region, allowing them to travel for both work and pleasure purposes.

We will also look to protect the environment as we move towards a low-carbon future, helping the community minimise its carbon footprint and encourage the reduction of borough wide carbon emissions.

We want Gateshead to be a place where people have pride in their local area and will work to introduce minimum environmental standards within the borough.

We also want everyone to be an ambassador for the Gateshead - having civic pride, where diversity is embraced, and people are proud of their community and home. Creating a positive outlook for all.

We will champion the work of the council, together with encouraging our communities to play their part in local democracy. Understanding how they can influence local decision making and having a say in local improvements.