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Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

Supporting our communities to support themselves and each other

Ensuring that people are safe and feel safe is a wellbeing requirement. The strength and ability for communities to adapt to change and deal with shocks and emergencies is essential. Through being more resilient we can reduce the negative impact on individuals. Reducing the direct intervention needed by the Council to provide a fix.

We cannot achieve the ambitions of Thrive alone and in recognition of the contribution they make, we will strengthen the support provided by the voluntary, community and social enterprises sector within Gateshead.

We also recognise the support of Gateshead's caregivers and want to continue to support those who choose to care as both a profession and those who look after relatives, friends or loved ones.

We also want to work with our communities to ensure we have the range and choice of high-quality homes for children who need care.

We will support and invest in the development of stronger and more resilient communities, enabling residents and partners to tailor service delivery to the local need - in Gateshead this is locality working. Delivering a local range of services in response to the direct needs of our communities. Evidence led and informed by feedback on the ground, we will deliver a range of tailored service in collaboration with our partners.